HighCO (WPP Agency)

HighCO (WPP Agency)

Target: Introduce HighCo’s services into POS Media countries.

About: HighCo is founded in 1990 in France and has the mission to provide brands and retailers with marketing solutions to influence shopper behaviour. HighCo purchased shares from POS Media company and Yalin became the responsible manager to introduce HighCo’s services into POS Media CEE countries such as; Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine and Turkey.

Industry: Media, retail, FMCG.


  1. Implementing digital and mobile promotions such as Web Couponing, QR Codes, SMS Contests, digital contests.
  2. Doing market research and competitor analysis for each country.
  3. Developing Dot.com advertisement strategies for retailers.
  4. Introducing new services to the retailers.
  5. Developing training modules for the sales teams and training them personally.

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September 2, 2015