Our Trainees

Aybüke Uzsoylu

“Thanks to YeYe, I am able to enhance myself on different components of international trade and explore new sectors.”

Internship Period: November, 2014 – still

UniversityAnadolu University – Economics (in English)

Previous Experiences:

PLAZA Tour, Corporate & Outbound Travel Sales Trainee – July-August,2013

Hotel Gold Majesty, Guest Relations Trainee, February 2013

YeYe Projects:


Orbit Merret




Eşref Oğuzhan Yıldırım


Internship Period: May-August 2015

University: TOBB / Computer Engineering 

YeYe Projects:

Developing Yeye.cz, Pestemal.eu and Bestforwarding.eu web pages.


Melis Özcan

“ I focused to my interest which is foreign trade through Yeye. I had an overall great internship experience while improving myself in the areas of import-export and marketing.”

Internship Period: July-September 2015

University: Yıldırım Beyazıt University / International Relations

                   Anadolu University / Foreign Trade

Previous Experiences:

Turkish Grand National Assembly – 2013

British International School / London – 2014

YeYe Projects:


Kovar Distributce

Energy Stereo

Fitcola / Kvass

Anıl Can Yıldız

“Thanks to participating in high level of responsibility projects, I took the opportunity to know international business world and at the same time I gained business experience.”

Internship Period: June-September 2015

University: Çankaya University / International Trade / Management (Double Major)

Previous Experiences:

Kurşunel Moulding Co. Ltd. – 2015

YeYe Projects: