Enter into a new and promising market, find good partners, providers and distributors…

Starting up a Czech Company

Full services for companies or individuals who wish to establish a Czech subsidiary or any other type of business. We take care of all necessary arrangements, working hand in hand with our customers to ensure the success of their Czech operation.

Our services are;
Establishing company, official seat, bookkeeping, legal assistance and business development.

Import/ Export

We have thorough experience in all aspects of import and export in both Turkey and the Czech Republic.

Distributor Network

We assist leading companies in establishing a profitable distribution network in Turkey and the Czech Republic.

We expand your products by finding the most appropriate distribution network.

We provide the market overview of your industry: competitors, facts and figures of your industry, government and custom duties and the pricing of your products in the target country.

We identify the top distributors in your segment, prepare a tailor-made offer in local language and will work like your team to make the deal with the most appropriate distributor.

Consulting and Business Development

Our range of consulting and business development services enable companies to successfully enter a new market and establish mutually-beneficial business relations.

Our unique experience is business development and consult to the investors how to achieve from A to Z.

Any kind of business needs mentorship and supervision in order to be successful in a new market. And we have been providing this service to various investors from different countries for the last 10 years.