POS Media Europe

POS Media Europe

Target: Establish a pan-European Retail marketing company and manage daily operations. Mr. Yüregil has managed the establishment of Kiev office (2008), Istanbul office (2009), Munich Office (2011) and Moscow office (2013).

About: POS Media is an in-store media buying and planning agency founded in the Czech Republic in 1994 by Dutch businessmen Richard Bolscher.

Yalin Yüregil started working POS Media as an AIESEC trainee on 2007 and he was assisting the CEO to start-up offices and develop the business in new territories until March 2014.

Industry: Media, retail, FMCG.


  1. Establishing a limited liability company in Ukraine, Turkey, Germany and Russia.
  2. Providing market research about the retailer environment and the marketing strategies of FMCG brands.
  3. Recruiting and hiring all necessary employees for sales, operations, office and finance management.
  4. Managing all financial issues such as;
    1. Bookkeeping and invoicing.
    2. Managing cash flow – payments.
    3. Tax & legal duties.
    4. Payroll management.
  5. Managing the performance of sales teams and introducing in-store media concept to FMCG brands and to media buying agencies.
  6. Signing exclusive contracts with national and global retailers such as Tesco, Carrefour, Ahold and more.
  7. Managing daily operations.



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August 3, 2015