Our marketing specialist Aybüke Uzsoylu attended “Design 4 Enterprises” course which was held on 24th of January at Czech Trade Headquarters. The course was a part of a three years programme of courses to support design-driven innovation founded by European Commision. Those free courses, which are organized both short and full time, targeted on European SMEs, that will improve their design management skills and business development intermediaries, such as EEN partners, that will become future trainers for other SMEs.

Course was lectured by Daniel Trabucchi and Maddalena Garrone who are both engineers and coming from Italy the heart design. The course was based on 3 main topics : Strategic design for SMEs, customer centered design and design for shaping products and design driven innovation. The theoretical part was supported by case studies and followed by a team work which enables us to practice what we learned.

With this course, our perspective on design was changed and widened. The meaning of design “need+solution” and design driven innovation  how design is changing our business culture, design as a key feature in our strategies, the meaning of and how widen the areas that we can implement design and design thinking.

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