Here is YeYe consulting.

Who we are? A consulting company which was established by Yalın Yüregil in 2011. We focus on business development and expanding our clients into new markets. We are operating in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Turkey.

 We will benefit from here for various aims, you will read our ideas on different topics such as news about our company and  resources that we follow which we would like to share with you.

 This blog shall be our library as well. Here will be our journal where we share our  articles. We would be glad if we will receive your comments and recommendations.

Let us introduce ourselves;

 Aybüke Uzsoylu

I was born in Bursa. I studied in Bursa till university. I had my primary education in 3 different schools- both private and goverment – untill secondary education. It was full of different life experience and contribution. Bursa Anatolian Highschool is where i had my secondary education. I am having my bachelor degree on economics in English in Anadolu University. Now,in my senior year, I am in Prague with an Erasmus Exchange Programme. I am studying on marketing communication in Vysoká Škola Finanční a Správní (VŠFS).

I did internships in tourism sector which I was curious about since chilhood. Bursa Gold Hotel Majesty and Plaza Tur (Travel Agency) are where I had my internships.

I was in ‘trade / merchant’ business since I was born. We had our shop in Tuzpazarı/Bursa where we sold coffee, spices and candies. I learned how to communicate with different kind of people and how to sell our products to them.

Now, I am working as a “Business Developer”  in YeYe  company and providing support  to our clients to expand their business into new markets.

Yalın Yüregil

 I was born in Adana. I did my primary and secondary studies in Mersin Türkmen College. I had my bachelor degree in Economics from Çukurova University. While having my bachelor degree, I was working in AIESEC for 6 years in different leadership positions. I finished AIESEC as the Country Manager of Turkey. I moved to Prague for 3 months AIESEC Internship Programme in 2007 and started working for POS Media Europe. During 6.5 years, I was specialized in starting up & managing new offices in different countries. Building teams, training them and supporting them to achieve targets.

At the end, I decided traveling to new  ports through the sails of YeYe.

 My mission is to meet new people in new harbors, conveying them to the destination where they want to go by showing them the right way.

With our regards,

Aybüke & Yalın