A Success Story from Czech Republic to Turkey

After 2014 AMPER fair  ‘Yeye Consultancy’  agreed with the  Czech leading manufacturer of digital panel meters company Orbit Merret to introduce the company to the Turkish market and find a distributor for Orbit Merret.

Yeye Consultancy had the target to develop the most effective distributor network for Orbit Merret. The potential companies were identified and approached privately with a Turkish information booklet about Orbit Merret and its products.

After virtual and pyhsical meetings took place in Istanbul and in Prague during 2014, Orbit Merret agreed with ‘Ilke Otomasyon’ company from Istanbul to be the official distributor in Turkey.

The first products were exported to Turkey in November 2014 and both companies are joining to Automation Fair in Istanbul in March 2015. We believe the future of this cooperation will be very beneficial for the both parties.

About Orbit Merret :

Orbit Merret was established in 1998 by merging two companies ORBIT CONTROLS, s.r.o. and MERRET, s.r.o.. Orbit Merret is a Czech leading manufacturer of digital panel meters, signal convertors, large displays, and as of lately a revolutionary full scale PLC system and a paperless recorder.

Watch the Company Corporate Video

About  Ilke Otomasyon :

İlke Otomasyon is a dynamic company operating in control and automation fields. With its experienced and progressive sales and technical staff, ILKE OTOMASYON is serving tasks from the basic and easy ones to highly complicated and precise automation-control needs. Thanks to earned entrustment from its customers, ILKE OTOMASYON is serving many customers from almost all fields of industrial production in Turkey. The main characteristics of the products ILKE OTOMASYON offers are as follows; optimized resources for the changing market conditions, used to maximize efficiency and cost reduction, quality as standart.